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We provide wholesale HHC, HHC-P, HHC-O, H4CBD gas infused flowers, vapes, cartridges, disposables, hash etc - all for a reasonable price. Looking for a premium quality supplier for your shop? Consider us!
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HHC flower/bud wholesale Europe

HHC flowers

Premium quality 20% HHC infused flowers
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HHC vape and disposable wholesale Europe

HHC vapes

CCELL disposables and cartridges
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HHC hash wholesale Europe

HHC hash

Strong, natural and quality hash/hashish
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HHC distillate and extract wholesale Europe


Produce your own HHC products with our distillate
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HHC alternatives


  • A strong CBD high
  • Relaxing & euphoric
  • Helps with sleep & anxiety
  • Legal in most of EU
  • Stronger than HHC
  • Very euphoric & relaxing
  • Clear headed
  • Legal in Denmark / EU
  • Stronger than HHC
  • Similar to THC effects
  • Powerful mind & body high
  • Legal in France / EU
  • Similar to HHC
  • Lasts longer & slightly stronger than HHC
  • Spacey & mind high
  • Legal in Sweden / EU
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Need a supplier?
Consider us, if you:

  • want quick replies and great communication
  • want HHC that's just like real THC cannabis
  • like beautiful light green flowers/buds
  • need your package tomorrow - our logistics has you covered

"You gas infuse your flowers? Bullsh*t."

No BS, we gas infuse. Contact us for a sample - you'll see the buds aren't sticky/dark. Our flowers look and feel like real THC cannabis. They are beautiful and green.

Most suppliers claim they gas infuse their flowers. Why? Because it's the best solution for HHC flowers. Sadly not everyone cares about their product. Most spray their flowers - but we like quality.
HHC flower and bud in a grinder

20% vs 50% HHC flowers confusion

Sorry to break it to you, but everyone who claims their flowers contain up to 50% HHC are lying to you. Anything above 30% would look like a black turd.




Don't trust us? See for yourself.

Get a sample.

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