What is HHC Gas Infusion?

No spraying, tumbling or dipping
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Hydrocarbon Infusion/Gas Infusion

We produce our flowers with this method. HHC is diluted in non-toxic liquid gas in the percentage you want to have in your HHC Infused Flowers (10-25%), our premade flowers have 20%. However, common sense has to be applied here. You can't put more into the hemp flower than it can take up. This also why the 50% HHC flowers that you might see, are complete bollocks.

Once your solution is ready, you "gas" your hemp flower with a saturated solution under high pressure for some time. After some time and a thorough vacuum process, you get a flower that shows almost no difference in look or flavor. HHC is infused into every part of the flower, not just the top layer. The fact is that 20% infused vs. 20% sprayed has a very different effect on the chromatography and the quality of the product. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free sample and you'll see why gas infusion is the best method.
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Alternative methods

Direct spraying

You take a CBD/CBG flower and heat the distillate to liquefy it. Then you mix the distillate with alcohol. Use a modified hot glue gun or a normal spray bottle and spray away.

The "curing" usually happens under heat and then the distillate sinks into the flower. The results are sticky buds with just the surface or top layer covered in the distillate. The middle parts are just normal CBD/CBG flowers that have none of the HHC's effects.

It also has a bad flavour, chemical smell and it adds to the weight of the flower. So if the flower was 1g then after it's around 1.2g. The customer recevies smaller flower. Less bang for their buck.

Tumbling or Cryo-Frosting

Tumbling is when you freeze the distillate at around -80 degrees celcius, grinding it into fine dust, and tumbling your flowers in this mixture. Basically you drop the dust on the flowers. The procedure is done in a cold room to prevent melting and sticking. The plant material is later cured in a hot room with high humidity for an hour or two.

This method is better than spraying since the distillate is pulverized and can cover much more surface of the flower. Curing lets the micro drops "sink in," so the experience is much milder than the directly sprayed flower. But still a large portion of the flower is not covered in HHC.


It's a method where you soak the flower in an HHC solution. With this you will sacrifice the visuals and some of the final product's flavor. The flowers are left to dry over 24 hours and then cosmetically treated to return the trichome looks. This is usually done using CBD dust, but it's a lot of work for not a great solution.

Requires a lot of knowledge about solvents and a lot of work to get a good looking and tasting flower.
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